My Future Skills

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Assignment 1
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By the end of this course I believe I will have improved my skills in a variety of building  design areas: From a technical standpoint I will have improved my Revit skills, refreshed my SketchUp skills, and learned building performance analysis tools. Also I will learn Collaborative Design Methods, I will have an improved ability to work in groups and arrive at constructive and joint conclusions. Remote communication will be a challenge to be overcome.

Most importantly, I will have a solid understanding of building systems, including structural, Mechanical, and other systems making a functional, efficient, comfortable, and healthy indoor environments. I anticipate to gain knowledge in the best methods of choosing systems, developing strategies in product selection and tool availability for building systems performance modeling.

I believe the Revit will be simple for me, since I have the software readily available to be and I already have significant amount of experience with it. I know that the interface of has changed since Revit 2009, so learning new interfaced and locating appropriate tools will be a slight challenge. I believe that HVAC will be more difficult for me, because I much prefer and enjoy the structural aspect of engineering rather than HVAC.

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